Tretten wooden bridge and railwaycrossing

We have been supplying rails in various designs in Corten to Tretten wooden bridge and the railwaycrossing.

Tretten wooden bridge and railwaycrossing

We have in three rounds delivered railings to Tretten, see below. The wooden bridge that crosses the E6 and the river Guldbrandsdalslågen and is about 150 m long. For the bridge, it has been spent about 850 cubic meters of laminated timber, for the railing to match the impregnated laminated wood, we used railings that are made of Cortén.

1. Tretten wooden bridge in cooperation with Moelven Limtre and Contexo.

2. Intersections an exits from E6 to Tretten in collaboration with AF Anlegg.

3. Tretten railway cross in cooperation with Gjermundshaug anlegg.  


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